I'm officially retired now,
but this is what you missed!

Let us introduce you to a very popular entertainer. BILL PALMER is a seasoned comedy magician who can perform anywhere. He performs three types of magic:

  • CLOSE-UP MAGIC--Small magic, performed either strolling or seated, for small groups of people. Perfect for that mixer or hospitality suite.

  • STAND-UP MAGIC--medium-sized magic suitable for a group in a living room, banquet room or small auditorium.

  • ILLUSIONS--large magic performed with one or more assistants, suitable for larger banquet rooms and auditoriums.

    All of the material is comedy-oriented and is clean, with lots of audience participation. No X-rated material.

    BILL PALMER has performed in road shows and trade shows all over the country. He has represented many major corporations including Franklin Electric, Snap-on Tools, Daniel Radiator Corporation, and Alcan Cable. His presentations have won three awards for Houston Wire and Cable at the South Western Electrical Exposition.

    BILL has appeared at Caesar’s Palace, Norm Silver’s Moustache Club in Montreal, Humoresk, Jones Hall, the Music Hall, the Coliseum, the Astrodome, and many other fine locations around the country. In Berlin, he performed at the Gropiusstadt at the first magic convention in that city after the reunification. He was selected to perform at the openings of the Laff Stops in Houston and in Austin and Houston’s internationally famous Magic Island.

    If Bill looks familiar to you, perhaps you have seen him in a television commercial or a magazine article. He has appeared in People Magazine and was selected by Houston City Magazine as one of the most interesting people in the city of Houston. He was the wizard in the Maxwell House Coffee commercial.

    Bill performs not only as himself, but also as other major characters. He has appeared at the Galveston Historical Foundation’s Dickens on the Strand on several occasions as a turn of the century performer—Professor Palmer, who also doubles as a Riverboat Gambler—suitable for casino parties and Western theme events.

    He appeared at Cavalier Dayes of Texas as a 17th century conjurer Hocvs Pocvs, thought to be the author of the first illustrated book of magic in the English language.

    But he is best known for his performances as Merlin the Magician at the Texas Renaissance Festival and Scarborough Faire. With thirty-eight Renaissance Festivals under his belt, Bill really knows how to please a crowd as the wily old wizard. His period costuming and his dry sense of humor have made him one of the perennial favorites at these shows.


    For that really big show, you should consider asking Bill to perform one or more of his illusions. Illusions are those very large pieces of magic that delight young and old. Currently, he performs the following illusions:

  • THE INDIAN BASKET--Bill’s assistant leaps into a basket, barely big enough to hold her. As the evil villain, Bill thrusts four sharp swords and a spear through the basket. He leaps into the basket. The lady has vanished! As Bill plays a “sacred Indian song” on his flute, she reappears mysteriously—unharmed!

  • LEVITATION OF A VOLUNTEER FROM THE AUDIENCE--Bill performs the classic levitation with a child or lady from the audience. As the volunteer floats, his assistant photographs her and gives her the picture to keep as a souvenir.

  • THE AMAZING WATCH DESTRUCTION CAPER--Bill smashes a borrowed watch to bits, fires the pieces at a target, and the watch is restored, unharmed on the BULLSEYE! This is especially effective with a Rolex!

  • THE MARKSMANSHIP LESSON--A volunteer from the audience attempts to cause a large playing card to rise out of the pack by firing a succession of odd pistols and rifles at the cards. All sorts of strange things happen to the cards and other objects on stage as the volunteer shoots at the pack. Finally he brings the routine to a successful conclusion. Totally safe--this is an adventure in comedy.

  • BLOODLESS SURGERY--The classic"Sawing in Half," performed with a volunteer from the audience!

    Bill is normally accompanied in these illusions by one or more attractive assistants, costumed to fit the occasion.


    The Merlin Show

    This is a series of large illusions (see the above list) plus large stand-up magic, presented in a Medieval/Renaissance theme, by Merlin the Magician -- the "man who lives backwards in time."

    The length of this show can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on your requirements. It features clean comedy and excellent audience participation.


    Bill will customize his presentation to fit your event. He has a special talent for working a commercial message into his program. He is also an effective motivational speaker. Magic makes sales meetings and motivational sessions just that much more memorable. Let us know what you have in mind for him.

    Bill also acts as a consultant for special illusions, theatrical effects, and unusual presentations. In addition to all of this, he is a skilled writer and a seasoned master of ceremonies.

    And, as if this weren't enough, Bill also is a trained stage hypnotist, with one of the funniest hypnosis shows in the area!


    Texas Renaissance Festival, 1975-2000; Cavalier Dayes of Texas, 1996, 1997: Scarborough Faire, 1984-1996; Dickens on the Strand, 1981-1990; Magic Island, 1984-1991; Laff Stop Houston, 1982-1991; Laff Stop Austin, 1985-1991; Florida Renaissance Festival, 1980, Trade shows, banquets and hospitality suites in Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Florida, Dallas, New Orleans, San Antonio and Chicago, for various firms including Snap-on Tools, Alcan Cable, B. Dalton Software, Etc., Control Power Systems, Westinghouse, Exxon, Franklin Electric, Daniel Radiator Corp., R.C.A., Cooper-Rolls, Rolm, NetCom, Claims by Computer, VIA, Alternative Software, and many others 1975-1998. Lectures in Hollywood, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Berlin, Augsburg, Vienna, Milton Keynes (England), Perth (Scotland), Aberdeen, Glasgow 1980-1998. Special appearances for Vantage Software, U.S. Playing Card Co., EZ Systems, B.M.C. Software, Stage Stores and Sermatech International, Inc. Product promotions for Dan Pinger Public Relations and Star Advertising. Bill has also performed at special events for many major firms all over the Southwest.

    Also two national commercials for Maxwell House Coffee, and many local commercials. Bill is also listed in Who’s Who in Entertainment in America.

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