Bill will represent your corporation the way you want to be represented, with clean, relevant comedy magic that points out the very concepts that make your company unique. Bill has represented many of the best known corporations in the world, and the results have always been the same--happy clients.

Bill has performed for both large and small companies--from Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Snap-on Tools to A Page out of History and Control Power Systems. His work at company banquets is always entertaining. He goes that extra mile for you. For example, if he is performing as a walk-around magician, he will put your logo, in color, on the envelopes he uses for his Signed Card in Sealed Envelope routine. And this is just one of the things that separates Bill from the rest of the magicians. Bill studies your corporate literature, so when he performs, he will know almost as much about your company as a 20 year employee!

Bill can give you three basic types of show:

  • The walk-around show. This is small magic performed for groups of people either at a table or while they are standing around, conversing.

  • The platform show. This is larger magic, performed on a riser for a medium sized audience. The show generally involves audience participation.

  • The illusion show. This is very large magic, performed on a large riser or stage, for a large audience. Again, there is much audience participation. There will also be at least one assistant. Items in this show might include the levitation of a volunteer from the audience.

    No matter which type of show you need, Bill is the magician for YOU!

    Recent clients include: Mitsui Industries, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Casa Olé, Ron Kilpatrick Insurance Brokers, Star Advertising, Lyondell Petrochemical, Enron, El Paso Energy, British Petroleum, Exxon, Dow Chemical, Ernst and Young, United States Playing Card Company, Dan Pinger Public Relations, Posters, Inc., Dresser Rand and Brown McCarroll and Oaks Hartline.

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