Merlin Visits Traditional Arthurian Sites

During the early part of June, I was in England and Scotland. I performed and lectured at the second "Top Secret Magic Days" convention in Milton Keynes, England, which is near London. Afterwards, I stayed in London. The day after the convention in Milton Keynes, I attended the final meeting of the Magic Circle in its old premises at the Victory Services Club. On Wednesday, I was able to fulfill a dream of mine. I visited the great stone circle--Stonehenge.

There is an excellent tour group, Astral Travels, which has obtained permission to bring in very small groups of people, highly supervised, to visit the circle, which has been off-limits for several years.

I was able to have my photo taken in the circle, by our tour guide, Nick, while I was in costume.

Here I am in front of some of the gigantic stones.

In this picture, you can see the double rainbow!

On Friday, I toured with Astral Travels once again, visiting Stonehenge again, as well as Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey, and the great stone circle at Avebury. At Stonehenge as well as Avebury, there is a great deal of magnetic activity that may be picked up with divining rods. I saw this again at Temple Wood, near Kilmartin, in Scotland.

If you are ever in England, be sure to take a tour with Astral Travels. Tell them Merlin sent you!

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