The Magic Circle of London

A childhood dream realized

When I was a child, I read almost everything about magic that I could get my hands on. I spent many an hour at the Houston Public Library, poring over various magic books -- Professor Hoffman's Magic Series Modern Magic, More Magic and Later Magic, Ottokar Fischer's Illustrated Magic and many books by Goldston, Dexter, etc, were among these wonderful repositories of the secrets of the magician's art. In one of the books, possibly the British edition of Magic Tricks and Card Tricks by Wilfrid Jonson, there was a description of the Magic Circle of London -- the most exclusive magic club in the world -- which intrigued me.

It described the old meeting place, with the inlaid reverse zodiac of the Magic Circle in the floor, the archives, the book collection and all the other wonders. And it described the Inner Circle itself, the most select members of this organization. It was my dream to become a member of the Magic Circle of London, and, eventually, if possible, to qualify to become one of those 300 members of the Inner Magic Circle.

In 1986, I applied for membership, sponsored by the late Ren Clark, M.I.M.C. (Member of the Inner Magic Circle) and Mike Ellis, M.I.M.C. and I was accepted for membership. I was given permission to use the initials M.M.C. (Member of the Magic Circle) after my name.

In 1987, Terry Seabrooke, M.I.M.C. watched me do a show at the Texas Renaissance Festival, and reported to the council that I was qualified to become an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (A.I.M.C.). In January of 1988, I was promoted to Associate of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star. I was very, very pleased.

I am very pleased to announce that in June of 2003, I was promoted to Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. This is a realization of that childhood dream. I would like to thank all of my friends at the Magic Circle of London for giving me this honor.

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