The Complete Research Paper About
Merlin the Magician

Annotated and Footnoted


Illustrations by

Aubrey Beardsley and Ronin Coughlin


I can't write your research paper for you. I have no intention of taking a library full of personal research material and putting it on the web. There is no sense to it. If you are supposed to be writing a research paper, you need to learn how to do research. That's what these papers are for.

Finding material in a library has many side benefits the internet does not have. When you go to the library and look something up, once you find the general area where your subject is located, you will find many other books and articles on the same subject.

So bite the bullet. Go to the library. Learn something. I do the same thing myself. It's good for you. It makes the mind strong. You may even become a good writer.

You probably don't like this answer, but you will thank me for it later.


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