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Cowboy Action Shooting Organizations Which I Recommend

For the Single Action Shooting Society®--the national/international organization--click here

For the Texas Historical Shootist Society, a SASS-affiliated shooting club, click here.

For the Tejas Pistoleros, an independent Cowboy Action Shooting® club, click here.

Major Sources of Information on the Old West and Related Subjects

Johnny Ringo's Hideout, Wild West Museum and General Store is a good place to go to find Old West information and links to Old West sites. A click on this link will explain it all much better than I can in my limited space!

A New Old Style Rifle

The Lightning Rifle lives again!!! Visit The Lightning Rifle Web site for more details. A Cowboy could really shoot fast with one of these things! The pump design gives a big advantage over lever action.

Cowboy and Western Art

When I was researching material for my wagon, I went to Country Connections. They have lots of material relating to Cowboys & Heroes,Rodeo and Western Art. Richard Larabee is the Web Site operator.

Special Old West Skills

Six-gun twirling is a true American heritage. Bob Hamm travels across the country putting on my cowboy six-gun twirling exhibitions for SASS (including End of Trail and other shooting events) as well as cowboy and old west functions. His performances preserve this part of our history, which began in the Old West and gained colorful fame in the silver-screen era of the cowboy legends in Hollywood westerns. To reach his web site, click here. His comments on this nearly extinct art form were so much better than anything I could think of that I am quoting him here!

Things That Don't Quite Fit Anywhere Else

Sometimes I run into a web site that is really neat, but doesn't quite fit any of the other categories. Mean Ol' Uncle Al's web site, is just such a place. Mean Ol' Uncle Al offers caskets. Yep! That's caskets. Burial containers. Pine sarcophagi. And you can download plans to build your own. They do make nifty bookshelves, bootshelves and coffee tables as well.

Shooting School

So, you want to do it right? One of the best ways to learn how to shoot is by taking lessons from a champion. You can take shooting lessons from Tequila, a 5 time champion. And you don't even have to go to his place to do it. He offers a course on video tape, audio tape or DVD. It doesn't cost much, considering what you will learn, and it's guaranteed! You can't beat that with a stick. Go to Tequila's Shooting School to learn more about it.

Places to Get Old Western "Stuff"

I got a really nice set of holsters from a terriffic manufacturer in El Paso--El Paso Saddlery. Their leather is reasonably priced, and they will work with you to make sure your rig is exactly what you want and need.

Another excellent maker of great gun leather is right down the Rio Grande from there in Laredo. This company is Kirpatrick Leather. Their web site gives full details on ordering and pricing. They are hard to beat!

Here's another really fine source of leather. I haven't seen this leather in person, but it looks great in the pictures. They know what they are doing, too. G & J Leather has some pretty rigs that are a little different from the run of the mill things you see all the time. Give them a look.

Here are a couple of links for nice leather, tack and costuming:

Drover's Supply Owner - Rimrock Joe
SASS 44550
Custom made gun leather. Specializes in mounted shooting and action shooting holsters.

Owner - Petticoat
SASS 44551
Custom made Old West / Victorian clothing. Saddle Pants, Riding Skirts, Victorian Gowns and Accessories.

Organizations Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights

For The National Rifle Association, the first group everyone thinks of in this field, click here.

To see gun ownership from a well thought out liberal perspective, go to Second Thoughts--The Web Page for the Armed Liberal.

For the single most active anti gun control web site you can find, visit Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

For the Women's perspective on this issue, go to Women Against Gun Control.

And no list of this kind of site would be complete without mentioning The Second Amendment Foundation.

Two important gun owners' organizations with the same intials and similar purposes are Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners' Alliance. Both of them deserve a visit.

To keep up with what our founding fathers thought about the right to keep and bear arms, check out The Federalist Digest.

To get an idea of what some people are doing on a state level, visit The Constitution Party of Texas. If you were ever under the impression that much of what you see on pro second amendment web sites was the result of a bunch of silly conspiracy theorists, this link will show you the truth-- click here to see who and what is behind some of the lastest gun grabs.

Lest you get the idea that we gun owners are a humorless lot, check out this excellent piece of satire-- Criminals for the Prevention of Firearms Ownership.

Let me point out that some government officials are doing their best to prevent us from preserving our civil rights under the Constitution of the United States. The Second Amendment is exactly that--a civil right. Nobody has the right to take it away from us. Legal gun owners are not the villains or the criminals here. And when ignorant celebrities and government officials try to make you believe differently, they are wrong. They are as wrong as the people who wanted to keep minorities from having the same rights as the rest of us during the 1950's and 1960's. If you are one of those benighted people who think that our second amendment rights are outdated, please read Dr. John Lott's book More Guns, Less Crime before you try to debate me about the subject. Lott started off as an anti-gun researcher, but he was sane enough not to allow himself to maintain an incorrect position once he was confronted by the facts.

Philosophy, Our Culture, and Other Related Stuff

For Judge Gullet's essay on the philosophy of the Old West, click on "The Cowboy Way."

One of the Cowboy Shooters I met on the internet, "Gringo Bob," posted his thoughts on life. It's hard to disagree with them. If you would like to read them, click here and read them carefully.

And, one of my favorite links, which addresses what has happened to our culture, as we know it, and the reasons we are steadily losing our freedom, Charlton Heston's speech at the Harvard Law School Forum, February 16, 1999. Click here to view the text of this thought-provoking speech. It is interesting to note that Harvard Law School took the text of this speech off their web site. Evidently the school whose motto is "Veritas," Latin for "truth," cannot abide a pageful of the same on their own web page.

For a proposed code of conduct for schools, click here.

Personal CAS Web Pages

For some nice photos of Cowboy Action Shooting, visit my friend Captain George Baylor's Ranger Camp.

For a great article on how to make a Bowie Knife go to "Big Bowie Joe" Pierre's web site. There he describes how he set out to reconstruct Jim Bowie's "Iron Mistress."

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