Published Works


  • Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales--by Ludwig Hanemann-Punx (now reissued as Once Upon a Time)
  • Fourth Dimensional Mysteries--by Ludwig Hanemann-Punx
  • Farewell Performance--by Ludwig Hanemann-Punx
  • Paramiracles--by Ted Lesley (with Oliver Erens)
  • Sheherazade--by Borodin
  • The CÚzanne Code--by Borodin
  • Final Curtain--by Borodin
  • Mindreading and Telepathy--by Erik Jan Hanussen
  • Several sets of instructions for Joe Stevens

Other Magic Books

  • Bob Blau's World of Magic--written by Bob Blau, edited by Bill Palmer
  • Spirits on the Stage--written by Bob Blau, edited by Bill Palmer
  • The Early History of the Paddle Trick in Print--1584-1901--by Bill Palmer
  • Fun-da-mentals--a basic lecture on how to make mentalism more enjoyable for both performer and audience!
  • The Collected Lecture Notes of Bill Palmer--notes for a lecture I gave in Florida in 1980.
  • The Commercial Magic of Bill Palmer--Notes for a lecture I gave in Berlin, Augsburg and Vienna in 1992,
  • It works for Me!--by Bill Palmer. These notes are for my 1996 lecture. This is actual material from my act, and it illustrates my theories of effective performance of magic and mentalism. These notes have been expanded for my 1998 UK lecture tour, and are available from various magic book sellers.
  • How to be a professional Entertainer--a manual for all types of entertainer.- -by Bill Palmer

    The last two Punx books are out of print. However, the other books may be purchased from your favorite magic dealer.
    I also now offer these books at the site of my publishing company, Adesso Verlag.


Yep! I have a new book out. Actually, I should say that we have a new book out.

I know the questions -- who is "we" and what is the name of the book?

We are Ulf Bolling (Borodin) and me. Punx stated that Borodin was his best student. This is understandable. He is one of the most interesting, versatile people I have ever met. Borodin is a mentalist and bizarrist. (He is also a musician, an inventor, and a whole lot more, but that's beyond the scope of this little paragraph.) The name of the book is The Cézanne Code. For more information about it, click here.

Music Books

  • How to Play Folk and Bluegrass Banjo--by W. A. Palmer, III. Published 1965 by Alfred Publishing Co. This book was essentially a supplement to the Pete Seeger book. It also had what may have been the first published melodic tablature, plus the first successful method of indicating melody notes in tablature.
  • The Easiest Way to Play Your Favorite Sacred Songs. Several popular hymns arranged for electronic keyboard. Published by Alfred Publishing Co.

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